I am the Woman

I am quiet,

at every plight.

Not only in night,

But my mind wanders in bright sunlight.

All the imperfections that I own,

Make me perfect with the seed sown.

Deep inside when it hurts,

That’s the way problem flirts.


Oh no!!! I have not spoken of all my abilities yet,

’cause if I do, The universe would seem smaller and move faster than the speed of Jet.


Wisest of wise men can not master me.

Fastest of the fast GPS can not track me.

Harshest of the harsh words can not crack me.

For, God has given me Power,

Enough to swim in deep water.


However, my power remains inaccessible until benevolent reminded,

They helped me to keep it bound,

When stones pelted at me made some sound.

It took some time to build that courage again,

Remains unpretentious after clasping pain.

And, I am strong like iron ore,

Entwining my identity like never before.


Now, I carry my endowment to the core,

Which gives a cue of all that I have in store.



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