Be Unstoppable

Don’t let them know you cried last night And involved in fight, Be perfect when you go out… they may get insight into your fright…. Don’t show the pain no matter how deep it is… Keep spreading happiness even if your stock is not at ease… Because the world doesn’t accept you when you are […]

I am the Woman

I am quiet, at every plight. Not only in night, But my mind wanders in bright sunlight. All the imperfections that I own, Make me perfect with the seed sown. Deep inside when it hurts, That’s the way problem flirts.   Oh no!!! I have not spoken of all my abilities yet, ’cause if I […]

Go your way

Sometimes I know where I am heading to, Sometimes, I need to ask…. Only once in a while, I just enjoy heading towards the unknown destiny; Long paths…. and small destinies show blurred image at first, But, as I approach them destinies look bigger and paths disappear….. And I stand firm; for I believe, I […]